Installing CruiseControl.NET

This article is written for CruiseControl.NET version 1.6. Other versions might need different dependencies and installation steps.



CruiseControl.NET is written in C# and requires a installed .NET or Mono Runtime.

Operation System

CruiseControl.NET runs in Windows using the .NET Framework or on Unix/Linux using the Mono Project

Required is a least .NET 2.0 or Mono 2.10


The WebDashboard component of CruiseControl.NET requires a ASP.NET enabled webserver:

Windows: IIS with ASP.NET enabled
UNIX/Linux: Apache with mod_mono or any other Webserver (ngix, lighttpd, etc.) with FastCGI support and mono-fastcgi-server

Install CruiseControl.NET

The CruiseControl.NET project consists of a suite of applications:

  • CCNet server
  • WebDashboard
  • CCTray

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Install the CruiseControl.NET server