Upgrading to CCNet 1.4.4

There are no breaking changes for people coming from 1.4.4 RC2, 1.4.4 RC1, or 1.4.3

There is a small issue with msbuild, since the adding of the hot-swap, the default logger can not be found anymore automatically.
You'll have to specify it's location explicitely :

<logger>C:\Program Files\CruiseControl.NET\Server\ThoughtWorks.CruiseControl.MsBuild.dll</logger>

You'll need to make sure the directory is the directory where the dll is located.

Highlights of the CCNet 1.4.4 Final Release

Dashboard administration

A new plugin has been added to simplify the maintenance of the dashboard.
Dashboard Administration Plugin contains all the details on this new plugin.

Note: This plugin is not enabled by default, it will need to be manually configured in dashboard.config.

Statistics in FireFox 3

These graphs have now been fixed and work like they do in FireFox 2 or IE.

Gendarme and NDepend

These tools can now be used directly from CruiseControl.NET. Tasks have been added to call these external tools and integrate the results.

Hot swapping

Hot swapping has been enabled for both the console and the service. This allows the DLLs (but not the EXEs) to be updated while the application is running.


As well as miscellaneous fixes and improvements, the validator will now be installed as part of the standard server install.
Additionally a stand-alone installer has been added to allow the validator to be installed on non-server machines.

More control on Source Control Exceptions

You have now more control on the behaviour when the source control has problems getting the modifications.
Look at Project configuration for the following settings : maxSourceControlRetries, stopProjectOnReachingMaxSourceControlRetries and sourceControlErrorHandling.

SVN source control has a revert and clean option

This allows to remove locks of the working folder, so no manual intervention is needed for this.

The build publisher has its own cleaning

You can now set a clean behaviour on the build publisher, this should help to keep disk space usage under control.

Bug Fixes

  • WebDashboard broken on Mono 1.2.6
  • Statistics reports do not appear in Firefox V3.0
  • Index out of range sporadically in Integraion Queues
  • When viewing a large build log in dashboard, the bottom part is black.
  • Installer does not correctly install the validator.
  • lastchange labeler is wrong when prefix is in the form of 1.2
  • Fix file names in ResxFileRefs of CCTrayLib
  • Fix references to .cs files in UnitTests.csproj
  • Project name must be unique per buildserver
  • <issueUrlBuilder> - object reference not set
  • ThoughtWorks.CruiseControl.Remote.Message cannot be serialized because it does not have a parameterless constructor.
  • Latest installation package of Cruise control.Net 1.4.3 Build 4090
  • Unable to successfully stop CCNet Service
  • latest updates to improve exception logging, break the latest revision labeller
  • integration queues seems to allow building the same project on the same time
  • NullReferenceException in Artifact Cleanup Publisher
  • specifying IntervalTrigger as intervalTrigger (wrong casing) results in an error description that does not offer much help on identifying the problem
  • Starting CCNet Service using build CCNet
  • email publisher may reside in tasks section (although not advised)
  • CC .Net hangs with 'svn log' command under MONO
  • preprocessor broken
  • Could not load dashboard from version 1.4.4 Build 36 onwards
  • CCTray 1.4.4 RC1 can't connect to CCNET 1.4.4 RC1
  • workDirectory containing spaces and/or trailing backslash?
  • Documentation link not working
  • CC .NET fails periodically with working copy locked.
  • wrong setting in ccnet.exe.config for log4net settings
  • ModificationHistory.xsl contains incorrect XPath for modification URL
  • NDepend 2.12.1 results transformation broken
  • Strip trailing slash from project working directory
  • Build does not fail if SVN fails with it needs an svn cleanup
  • FxCop values are reported wrong in statistics page
  • FxCop summary fails to expand Target elements in javascript
  • FxCop Statistics - no warnings populated


  • If a Subversion working copy is locked, CC.NET should attempt to unlock it and try again before failing the build.
  • Additional extension points
  • "exec" task should allow use of built-in shell commands
  • The svn lock is not properly detected
  • $categoryList variable in ProjectGrid.vm template
  • the project name and label should be eliminated of all characters that are invalid for folders and files
  • svn : when no trunkurl is filled and autogetsource is true (default) null reference exception
  • Service/console "hot swapping" : like asp.net beiing able to copy new dll's over the running program
  • RSS Feed Improvements
  • Perforce - Silent Failure
  • foresee a 'force update of local files' property in svn source control block
  • Date labeller must expose formatting of the elements
  • foresee a randomoffset in the schedule trigger to lessen the strain on a server at the specified time
  • Patch for path handling in ConfigPreprocessorTests running on Linux
  • finetune source control error handling (improvement on ccnet 748)
  • Custom plugings should still be loaded when the config file is not located in the server folder
  • set the project name check for invalid chars to a warning iso removing invalid chars
  • add the next build time in the webdashboard
  • update pre-processor so that a POSSIBLE bug in mono is solved
  • Implement a task for Mono's Gendarme
  • ZIP Package Publisher
  • Assembly Version Labeller
  • Move "exception" state back out of "change" state
  • Add an NDepend task
  • Web Dashboard Administration Plugin