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Start date 09/01/2011 Due date 06/30/2012

CruiseControl.NET Dev 1.7


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CCNet Version 1.7 release notes

It's been a while, but we're back. The switch to the new infrastructure took some more time than anticipated, but it paid off.
Also choosing for Git as source control seems to be good choice, there are already some new contributors active, and it's a lot
easier to incorporate their work. A lot of the new features and bug fixes come from the contributors, so many thanks goes to them!

Backwards compatibility issues

There were a few items that broke when upgrading to 1.5 or 1.6, sorry for that.
Here's a list of those that are known to be fixed

  • Nant : newline in <buildArgs> causes "Target ' ' does not exist in this project."
  • Git : Merge Commits in GIT are being ignored by CCnet, causing "No modifications detected."
  • CCTray : Prevent Interval Trigger from modifying cctray detail column..
  • CCTray : app balloon shows always report builds even if it is set only to show warnings or errors.
  • BuildPublisher : KeepLastXBuilds broken in 1.7
  • Summary files are no longer created by default, and the artifact publisher cleans up any existing remaining.
  • Package publisher has the options flatten and baseFolder again, but these are moved to packageFile , packageFolder sub-elements

What's different, needs some attention

  • Configuration_Preprocessor, it's best that you start every included file with :
    <cb:config-template xmlns:cb="urn:ccnet.config.builder" xmlns="http://thoughtworks.org/ccnet/1/5">
    look at the bottom of the Configuration_Preprocessor page for the reason,
    and Skolima also made a nice post about it
  • if you used GIT, the first build with CCNet 1.7 will list ALL changes done. This is due to the fix of the Git repository.
    Maybe it's best to delete the first build artifact, and clean up the history.xml file for each project with Git.
    Or take a backup of the history.xml files, upgrade to CCNet 1.7, and place the backup's back.

Main new features

  • xml highlighter for the BuildLog and ProjectConfiguration
  • Plastic SCM 4.0 plugin
  • Updating the dashboard activity status automatically (refreshinterval needs to be set in dashboard.config)
  • add xsl for ms-test and mstest coverage for vs2010
  • new modification filter : Multi filter
  • show description of the project in dashboard and CCtray
  • new xslt Task : allows to do XSL transformation during the build
  • Dashboard admin page has a better look, with tooltips and the packages divided in sections
  • added a packages for existing xsl files, making it easier to use them.
  • added packages for existing plugins, making it easier to use them.
  • The last build time is a link to the last build report


Lots of bugfixes and improvements, see below for details