There are 2 build in visualisers : webDashboard and CCTray, and these are maintained by the CCNet team.


This is a web application that gives an overview of build servers, and one can easily see the results of the builds.
Forcing builds and so is also possible. Look here for configuration options.
The dashboard is capable of working with plugins, so making adjustments is very easy. Look here for more info about making plugins.
To enable these plugins, the best way is to create a package.


This is a tray application used mostly by the programmers to keep an eye on the build of the involved projects. One can force builds also,
or volunteer to fix the build. This application has some extensions to allow several kinds of notifications like :
  • speech
  • baloon pop-ups
  • growl
  • X10 automation


This is a WPF front end to visualize build results. It's meant for display only, no force build or the like.
The idea is to have Cradiator on a big screen in the room, so everyone can see the build results of the projects.
No more : I did not know it was broken.
You can find it here

Cruise Control Mobile

This is an app for mobile devices, Android and IPad.
You can check your projects build status form your device. It also allows control over some of the server's operations on a particular project such as Stop and Force Build through its project page.

Search for it in Google Play
or for Apple

Build Monitor By Pomum Systems LLC

Another visualizer for Apple platform.
Reduce unproductive developer downtime due to undetected broken builds. Use this monitor and control app for CruiseControl .Net to be alerted to broken and fixed builds regardless of whether or not you are on the corporate network.