Configuring the Dashboard (dashboard.config)

The Web Dashboard is configured through the dashboard.config file, a set of XSL Files, and a set of Web Dashboard Style Sheets (CSS files). In most cases this file will be found in the root of the Web Dashboard application. The only deployment-specific configuration in the web.config file is an optional appSetting which can specify an alternative location for the dashboard.config file. If you want to use this behaviour, set the DashboardConfigLocation appSetting value to be the absolute path of your dashboard.config file.

The configuration file forms a tree of constructs, starting at the root element. The documentation for the rest of this section is reference documentation for each of the types of constructs you can use.

Default Configuration

The dashboard.config file that ships with CruiseControl.NET will work with a default setup, i.e. one where you are using a build server on the same machine as the Web Dashboard and haven't changed any of the Remoting settings.

From CCNet 1.5 onwards, the Dashboard_Administration_Plugin is standard loaded, and the rest of dashboard.config file is as good as empty. On installation you must edit the dashboard.config once to set the password that will be used for this plugin.


  • Language Configuration
    You can force the dashboard language via the appsettings section in Web.config
    To force the english language :
    1<add key="language" value="en-US" />
  • IIS-Security
    Be sure that the dashboard.config file is editable by the IIS-user when you use the [[Dashboard_Administration_PluginCCNET:Dashboard Administration Plugin]]
  • Monitoring Multiple Servers
    It's easy to use a single IIS running the Web Dashboard to monitor multiple CruiseControl.Net build servers. See the Servers Configuration Block.
  • Upgrading from previous versions
    There is no longer any project-specific configuration required to use the Web Dashboard. However, you should set the [webURL|Project Configuration Block#webURL] element properly in your project's Build Server configuration to make sure CCTray and Email publishing work.

Configuration elements