CCNet consists of a server part, and appliations that visualize them. Each part has its own configuration.

Configuring the server (ccnet.config)

Outside of writing your build scripts to support Continuous Integration, your main configuration task in getting an instance of CruiseControl.NET running for your project is editting the Server's configuration file.

This is defined in an XML file which by default is called ccnet.config in the same directory as the server application. By default, the server watches this file for updates and reloads it if the file changes.

Configuring the Dashboard (dashboard.config)

The dashboard gives you an overview of your buildserver / buildservers. Like in the configuration of the buildserver, there is a master XML-configuration file, where you set what servers to monitor, what data to display and so on.


This will show how you can setup CCNet according to various scenario's : no security, bolted down security, gathering statistics, staging, ...